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Physiotherapists are trained medical professionals with the skills to help people achieve their maximum potential through movement and function.


We have extensive experience in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal, neurological and rheumatological conditions, some of which include:

image of a person showing areas of joint pain

Back and neck pain

 •whiplash injuries


 •muscular back pain

 •chronic pain

 •discogenic lesions

 •arthritic pain


 •acute torticollis


Sports injuries

 •tendon sprains and strains

 •overuse injuries - shin splints

 •acute muscle tears

 •ligament sprains

Shoulder pain

 •rotator cuff injury

 •frozen shoulder

 •dislocated shoulder

Elbow pain - tennis/golf elbow

Joint and arthritic pain

Post surgical and fracture rehabilitation

Joint replacement rehabilitation

TMJ dysfunction


Antenatal and Postnatal conditions

Menopause related conditions

Stress and anxiety related conditions

Thank you again for the wonderful treatment, after my injuries I thought I could never have looked after my disabled wife the same way again. You've given us our life back. Eternally Grateful.
Graham Fisher - Altrincham
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