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Physiotherapy is a research-based profession that uses a range of skills from manual therapy, exercises and electrotherapy to treat a variety of conditions and to stimulate muscle and tissue repair to reduce pain and discomfort.


Our Physiotherapists treat patients affected by acute pain or injury and illness through evidence-based treatment techniques. We consider your general health and well-being, lifestyle and other mitigating factors to form a diagnosis and form a personal treatment plan. 

Having vast experience within the NHS and private sector, alongside extensive post graduate training, our physiotherapists offer a wide range of treatment techniques for various conditions, including:

manipulation and mobilisation

therapeutic massage

deep transverse friction massage


electrotherapy (ultrasound & interferential therapy)

heat / cold therapy

muscle imbalance / core stability re-education

postural and ergonomic advice

functional restoration programmes

strapping / kinesiology taping

chronic pain management

Thank you again for the wonderful treatment, after my injuries I thought I could never have looked after my disabled wife the same way again. You've given us our life back. Eternally Grateful.
Graham Fisher - Altrincham
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